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May 05

I remember living in London  and communting into the City every morning on the Underground. I was one of the thousands or millions of people who were on autopilot as soon as their morning alarms went off. The journey on the underground zappped out my vitality before my day had even begun!  Then I found myself sitting at a desk  doing an unfulfiling job that was ardous and at times left me  feeling hollow, anxious and scared as I tried to focus on sale targets my manager was pushing for me to achieve. If I knew then what I know now I would not have fallen in love with the  illusion of  status I think I had  because I was working in a  prestigious part of the city. I would have told myself that  life was not about impressing others, titles, status and wealth but about working from my heart and being my authentic self. However the universe has a way of `shaking us free from chains` by making things unbearable  and  forcing us  to change course. 

Often it involves risks  and takes us out of our comfort zone! You may even earn very less but some how the universe supports you. Material gains fall from the sky out of the blue to make up for lean times when you least expect it.

So when change is forced upon us don't panic, because we are constantly evolving whether  we know it or not. The universe is trying to redirect us to new lessons we need to learn and contracts that await to be honored from past lifes. More importantly, it could be giving us the opportunity to be our authentic selves

We need to learn to live from our hearts well.

Love Martha



"Hope is the ribbon that secures the parcel of your dreams, whilst faith is the hand that delivers it to your door. Both are the driving force behind miracles. So you must be confident in any difficult situation, and you have to believe in order to receive all that you need."
"Acknowledging and reconnecting with your true nature on a daily basis will empower you. Life challenges will not seem insurmountable as you understand that you are Divine Beings."
"Unconditional humanity - i.e. goodness, kindness, care, compassion, selflessness and devotion - explain the qualities of love. Without this essence in the universe there would be no bonds, no affinities, no associations and no progress. It is the universal cement that holds us all together and aids progress throughout the universe."
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Colour Therapy

Colour therapy is a non-invasive complementary therapy that treats the whole person, and can be used safely with other forms of therapy.

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Aromatherapy is the application of essential oils through massage, inhalation, vapourisation, compresses and baths.

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Colour and Aromatherapy workshop; Creative Visualisation To Aid Wellbeing workshop; Strategies for Coping with SAD workshop...

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