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Living In Crisis

Aug 11

It's so important that we daily make an effort to live in the present. To get on with the daily process of focusing on the day's events as they unfold with 100% committment. Greet each new day as a gift and live with a spirit of great expectations of blessings and support being available to you to cope with what the day brings; and so it will unfold.

When we worry about the past or the future we create a crisis for ourselves in  the present because we are not living there!! So our energies become fragmented  leading to stress and illness. Our faith in the goodness of the universe diminishes. So just by controlling our thoughts we can create a climate in our lives that is peaceful. 

Sometimes old habits can only be broken when we are forced to be still through illness or  loss of economic resources. Believe it or not such circumstances help us to refocus on the present, ourselves and the most important priorties as to why we are here; that is to grow and to evolve. The universe  will always provide` routes` to rebalance ourselves.

Love Martha

"Hope is the ribbon that secures the parcel of your dreams, whilst faith is the hand that delivers it to your door. Both are the driving force behind miracles. So you must be confident in any difficult situation, and you have to believe in order to receive all that you need."
"Acknowledging and reconnecting with your true nature on a daily basis will empower you. Life challenges will not seem insurmountable as you understand that you are Divine Beings."
"Unconditional humanity - i.e. goodness, kindness, care, compassion, selflessness and devotion - explain the qualities of love. Without this essence in the universe there would be no bonds, no affinities, no associations and no progress. It is the universal cement that holds us all together and aids progress throughout the universe."
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Colour Therapy

Colour therapy is a non-invasive complementary therapy that treats the whole person, and can be used safely with other forms of therapy.

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Aromatherapy is the application of essential oils through massage, inhalation, vapourisation, compresses and baths.

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Colour and Aromatherapy workshop; Creative Visualisation To Aid Wellbeing workshop; Strategies for Coping with SAD workshop...

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