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Gratitude and Positivity

Dec 16

Often I reflect back on the beginning of my journey of spiritual unfoldment in the early days ! I recall how difficult it was to sit alone with myself. My thoughts would race around in m y head. Then someone gave me a collection of positive statements by famous and spiritual people  in a book . I began opening this book randomly and reading and focusing on the statement my eyes 'fell on' and gradually I began thinking deeply what the statements actually meant to me. I soon realised I had  alot of work to do on my self. I began embracing the silence and myself too, to access the vulnerable Martha who had become critical and negative about life in general. 

I found out that  I was not such a great person after all. Often in meditation tears would just role down my face in humility after reading a statement about a positive way of being or thinking. The more  I was honest with myself the more I could feel a shift taking place inside of me.  I began to accept myself and to really love myself . More importantly I began to 'home in' on the positive and good in people and to appreciate life ... to be grateful. I had realised that we all have an uniqueness and greatness about us,we are Divine Sparks. 

Life is a journey not a destination. Some of those stations we stop at or get stranded at are all part of the experience. They force us to access and develop our life skills to continue the journey more informed and equipped. So I began to cherish time with myself  in meditation. My life began to open up  in more fulfiling ways I could have ever imagined.

Begin with small steps

  1. List some qualities that you lack  or need such as patience, love,kindness,
  2. Select one for the week and focus on this quality for the week. What would it feel like to have this quality?what would it look like to have this quality? How might it change you? How could you demonstrate it? Look for it in other people you meet and situations you may observe in your day to day life.

3. Before you go to bad write down at least two things you are grateful for. Do this for a month and see how your  outlook on life changes when you practice gratitude.

I hope this helps. Have a great week.

Martha X

"Hope is the ribbon that secures the parcel of your dreams, whilst faith is the hand that delivers it to your door. Both are the driving force behind miracles. So you must be confident in any difficult situation, and you have to believe in order to receive all that you need."
"Acknowledging and reconnecting with your true nature on a daily basis will empower you. Life challenges will not seem insurmountable as you understand that you are Divine Beings."
"Unconditional humanity - i.e. goodness, kindness, care, compassion, selflessness and devotion - explain the qualities of love. Without this essence in the universe there would be no bonds, no affinities, no associations and no progress. It is the universal cement that holds us all together and aids progress throughout the universe."
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