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Released on 25th May 2012, My Divine Self is an inspirational story revealing spiritual insights that could transform your life. An unusually good read that will warm your heart.

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My Divine Self is an inspirational story that will strike a cord with anyone who reads it. It holds the key to awaken your heart and mind to a new way of thinking. Martha in an opening letter reveals to you she has spiritual insights that could help you overcome life's challenges. Those moments in life when you feel like you are sinking in quicksand. She asks that you remain open minded and pass on these spiritual insights to help others.

Martha then transports you to a moment in time when she was plummeting to the depths of despair. She hears a voice that tells her to get a grip. She is baffled. Why didn't that same voice stop her from making all those bad decisions? and where is it coming from? A dialog develops and Martha starts to get answers to questions that need answering.

Hold Martha's hand as you journey through the pages and like her you will feel like a phoenix rising from the ashes of your former self.

This book could transform your life. Are you ready?

My Divine Self is available from O-Books, Amazon, WHSmith, Waterstones and many other book outlets. Paperback: £9.99,  E-book: price may vary.

About The Author

Martha ThompsonMartha Thompson writes to stir up inner reflection to aid personal growth and self healing. She is a teacher, therapist and medium. Inspired by her own guide called Ellis.

Martha Thompson was born in the West Midlands. She is a teacher, Colour therapist, aromatherapist, spiritual healer and Medium. She has written several articles on colour therapy. Martha also run workshops and gives talks. She lives in Hampshire in the UK.

My Divine Self is available from O-Books, Amazon, WHSmith, Waterstones and many other book outlets. Paperback: £9.99,  E-book: price may vary.

Reviews & Endorsements

"A touching personal journey that redefines age-old spiritual wisdom in a lyrical and accessible way – I thoroughly recommend this delightful book." - Suzy Chiazzari, The Iris School of Colour and Holistic Design Institute, Author of HOME HARMONY, COLOUR SCENTS and FLOWER READINGS

"Sometimes we lose our way in life and we wonder what is it all for! This inspirational story makes it 'crystal clear'. A memorable read that will make you smile. A book you will treasure and want to share with others." - Andrea Oliveira, The Spiritualist Health Association, Harley Street, London, UK

"Hope is the ribbon that secures the parcel of your dreams, whilst faith is the hand that delivers it to your door. Both are the driving force behind miracles. So you must be confident in any difficult situation, and you have to believe in order to receive all that you need."
"Acknowledging and reconnecting with your true nature on a daily basis will empower you. Life challenges will not seem insurmountable as you understand that you are Divine Beings."
"Unconditional humanity - i.e. goodness, kindness, care, compassion, selflessness and devotion - explain the qualities of love. Without this essence in the universe there would be no bonds, no affinities, no associations and no progress. It is the universal cement that holds us all together and aids progress throughout the universe."
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Colour Therapy

Colour therapy is a non-invasive complementary therapy that treats the whole person, and can be used safely with other forms of therapy.

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Aromatherapy is the application of essential oils through massage, inhalation, vapourisation, compresses and baths.

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Colour and Aromatherapy workshop; Creative Visualisation To Aid Wellbeing workshop; Strategies for Coping with SAD workshop...

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