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"The whole natural world is scented, yet until today, no one has sought to know why"
Rene-Maurice Gattefosse

Aromatherapy is the application of essential oils through massage, inhalation, vapourisation, compresses and baths. The essential oils reach our nerve centre through our respiratory system. Reducing pain whilst harmonising, refreshing and relaxing us. Through our skin it reaches our muscles and joints and internal organs, facilitating  wounds to heal, numbing pain and reducing the risk of infection. Revitalising ,regulating, restoring balance and strengthening our systems. Working through our olfactory sense and cerebrum essential oils affect our hormones. Which can stimulate, and increase our sexual potency. Their aromas can banish cares and sorrow, calming emotions and give inspiration. An aromatherapy treatment is truly a magical experience, alchemy at its best. It’s application is vastly comprehensive and versatile in alleviating dis-ease in both body and mind.

Several amazing Oils to vaporise in your home to aid your wellbeing (simple drop  1-6 drops in a diffuser with water or without) . On  precautionary note if you are pregnant or taking homeopathic treatments do not vaporise any essential oils in your home; as through inhalation the chemical properties of the oils still enter the blood stream.

Bergamot – Citrus Bergamia

Bergamot is considered the most  deodorising essential oil.. It has a delicious sweet citrus fruity aroma with spicy floral undertones. It  promotes cheer and joy. Therefore great for entertaining. A very ‘sunny oil’ that is uplifting. It motivates and encourages confidence reducing anxiety, depression and grief. Furthermore it can be worked with intent to develop hope. It is also a great anti-viral and antiseptic. Making this a great essential oil to diffuse around the home during the winter months to fight off and kill lurking bugs and to help shake off those winter blues.

Lavender – Lavendula Augustifolia, L. Officinalis

Lavender is the most versatile essential oil having a fresh floral and herbaceous aroma. It is deodorising, antiseptic and a bactericidal. Making it great to use in  washrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Furthermore it is sedative so those that have problems sleeping would benefit from diffusing it in their bedrooms. It is also an insect repellent! The most important property is that it is very balancing to mind and body, making it good for depression, hormonal imbalances and anxiety.

Geranium- Pelargonium Graveolens

Geranium is deodorising having a flowery "green" sweet rose aroma. it is also  bactericidal. Like lavender it is considered capable of balancing the emotions but also "making one feel cushioned" during challenging times. This helps one to adjust and develop tranquillity. This makes it a great  essential oil to diffuse  when feeling ‘battered `by the demands of responsibilities . So if you are overworked and stressed this pleasant oil  might be just  be for you.

Mandarin – Citrus Reticula, Citrus Nobilis

Mandarin has a sweet citrus and floral aroma and  like so many of the citrus essential oils it ‘uplift’ one’s mood. It is inspirational and soothing encouraging you to do the right thing and  to develop integrity. It also promotes you to work with your inner child. It is an essential oil that is pleasing to children and generally makes you feel happier. You cannot help smiling even if on the inside when you inhale this essential oil. It is also an antiseptic and is calming to the nerves. A great oil to diffuse when alone to relax and when you need help to put things into perspective. Mandarin essential oil is also great to vaporise for social gatherings.  

Cedarwood – Juniperus Virginiana

Cedarwood has an earthy, woody and sweet aroma . It could be described as a masculine odour which explains why it is often found in men’s toiletries. It also has a reputation as an aphrodisiac making it a great oil to diffuse in the bedroom. It is very steadying and grounding to the psyche. Furthermore it promotes strength of character, persistence and focus. It is also a very power antiseptic. A few drops of  Cedarwood  are great for placing on logs before burning them to create an stable atmosphere.  As this oil makes you feel secure  it might be good to use if you  have recently separated from a partner, or if you live on your own or have recently moved to a new area.

Sandalwood Mysore – Santalum Album

Sandalwood has a sweet, rich, warm, woody, balsamic aroma. It  is an antidepressant  It is an effective pulmonary antiseptic and an bactericidal making it great to diffuse around the home to "warn off" chest and throat  infections. It is known as an aphrodisiac making it an oil to diffuse in the bedroom. It is also suitable for burning on logs. It promotes insight, expression, harmony and peace making it a nice oil to meditate with.

Peppermint- Mentha Piperata

Peppermint  has a fresh camphorous minty aroma. It is an antiseptic and a bactericidal. It is cephalic in that it  stimulates the brain and can help you think "straight" making it very useful in cases of shock. If you are working from home and need  encouragement to get through your workload try this oil as it assists concentration and vitality. However because it is a stimulant it should not be diffused late in the evening as it could result in disturbed sleep and prolonged usage of this oil can affect your sleep patterns. Peppermint oil can also helps to break down pride and helps to assist those who have inferiority complexes. Acting on the ego it also helps those who want to live more of an ethical life.

Vermin such as mice, rats, ants and cockroaches do not like the smell of peppermint; so if you sprinkle a few drops where you suspect they are they will usually move on!

Adding 6 –10 drops of  peppermint oil  into your mop bucket for washing your tiled, wooden or laminate floors  will not only "fight off" germs but you will feel like you are walking on pockets of air; as the minty vapours rise making the room feel light and airy. Quite magical!

Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus Globules / Eucalyptus Radiata

Eucalyptus has a camphorus woody aroma with a subtle peppermint aroma. It is an excellent antiseptic and  a bactericidal making it great to diffuse in hallways, as it helps to prevent the spread of infection as it is a purifier. Add 1-2 drops on hot coals in a sauna to help build up immunity to any bugs. Eucalyptus is also good to vaporise in any space there has been arguments, conflicts or physical fighting to cleanse the area  and to bring in rationality and balance.

However not everyone likes the smell of Eucalyptus and fortunately you can get Lemon Eucalyptus which has the same therapeutic properties. Furthermore it has a really alluring lemony smell, a bit like lemon sherbet and cream soda!

Grapefruit – Citrus Paradisi

Grapefruit has a lively sweet citrus aroma. It is an antiseptic, antidepressant and a bactericidal. In massage blends it is used to detox the body and to improve lymphatic drainage. It makes you feel positive, alert, confident, joyous and more spontaneous making it a wonderful oil to diffuse in your living space if you  are a dither and procrastinate a lot; or if you have poor time management! It would be good to use in study areas in the home when preparing for exams and to assist those suffering from lethargy as a result of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) as a result of less daylight in the winter months.  

Rosewoood- Aniba Rosaeodora

Rosewood has a sweet rosy woody aroma. It is considered to be an aphrodisiac as it aroma is most pleasing on the emotions and the mind. It is also an immune stimulant and has cephalic properties in that it "clears" the head plus it uplifts and soothes. This makes it good to use for depression and if you feel weary and burden ridden. This oil works well if a few drops are placed on logs before burning.  A most beautiful oil suitable for use throughout the home.

Palmrosa – Cymbopogon Martini

Palmrosa  essential oils has many layers to it like a good wine. It has a sweet, floral,lemon and rose aroma. It is anti-infectious and a digestive stimulant.  It is also valuable  to vaporise when feeling stressed. It encourages enthusiasm and loyalty. Great to diffuse at family gatherings.

White Birch – Betula  Alba

White Birch has  a balsamic woody aroma that is quite over powering.  It is also an antiseptic. It is the most powerful aromatherapy oil I have used to clear negative atmospheres. In many cities there has been a  trend to convert old derelict  warehouses and churches to apartments that in their heyday were  extremely busy places and had unsavoury histories. Many of these conversions are stunningly beautiful but have atmospheres  that unsettle their owners. White birch would be a  great oil to use  if your home feels ‘heavy’, and has an atmosphere that  you don’t like.  When vaporising this oil leave a window open to enable fresh air to circulate and for the negative energies to leave. This should be done over several days after which your home should feel a lot lighter.

Juniper -  Juniperus Communis

Juniper smells a bit like gin as it is from it’s berries that it is made from. It is a an antiseptic and for thousands of years sprigs of Juniper have been burnt  to purify environments and to protect people from infection in many ancient civilisations such as the Babylonians, Egyptians, Tibetans and Native Americans.

So using the wisdom of the ancients we too can use Juniper in the form of it’s essential oil  to purify our homes and to remove any wanted energies especially if you have moved home or if you  are preparing an area for meditation. In relation to ourselves it is a great oil to vaporise if you have feelings of confusion or feel unclean due to past actions or experiences.

Orange- Citrus Aurantium

Orange essential oil has a citrus, sweet and tany aroma. It is an oil that when vaporised uplifts sadness, making it valuable to use in environments or situations when moods are low or when depression dominates. It is also sedative making it an oil that should be vaporised later evening as oppose to all day. However it would prove helpful to vaporise in the bedroom in cases of insomnia and could be alternated with lavender which is also sedative.

Vaporising your home with any anti- viral, anti infectious, bactericidal or an immune stimulant oil could help to warn off any infections and boost your immunity. Furthermore an aromatherapy massage could booster this more as there is an extensive repertoire of essential oils that can be used in massage to boost immunity and to combat infection.  Any oils used in the home should be alternated with others as our olfactory receptors  are sensitive  and are easy fatigued. When this occurs are sense of smell of the aroma diminishes as our body has adapted to it.

The benefits of vaporising  your home using aromatherapy oils is very  useful in helping upper and lower respiratory tract infections, preventing cross infection, combating depression, fatigue, stress and insomnia and improving ones mood  through the power of smell.   Furthermore when worked with  intention the vibrational properties  of the  oils can cause shifts in ones psyche  to help us better understand ourselves and to access inner resources untapped and laying dormat.  Enabling one not just to fragrance our environment but to aid our wellbeing at the same time.  A fantastic gift from mother nature!

"Hope is the ribbon that secures the parcel of your dreams, whilst faith is the hand that delivers it to your door. Both are the driving force behind miracles. So you must be confident in any difficult situation, and you have to believe in order to receive all that you need."
"Acknowledging and reconnecting with your true nature on a daily basis will empower you. Life challenges will not seem insurmountable as you understand that you are Divine Beings."
"Unconditional humanity - i.e. goodness, kindness, care, compassion, selflessness and devotion - explain the qualities of love. Without this essence in the universe there would be no bonds, no affinities, no associations and no progress. It is the universal cement that holds us all together and aids progress throughout the universe."
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Aromatherapy is the application of essential oils through massage, inhalation, vapourisation, compresses and baths.

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