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Basic Psychic Protection 1

Sep 11

Basic Exercise 1 Scanning your chakras and familarising yourself with your chakras to develop a sensitivity to any negative attachments(entities) to your body

  1. Get some paper,pencil and colouring pencils or crayons in RED ,ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, TURQUOISE, BLUE, INDIGO, VIOLET.
  2. Draw a stick man this will represent you. Between your legs where they meet on the diagram colour in a red dot to represent your root chakra, in line directly above it just below where your navel would be colour in an orange dot of the same size to represent your sacral chakra. In line directly above the your sacral chakra colour in your solar plexus as a yellow dot of the same size as the previous chakras just above where your navel would be. Again in line and of the same size dot as the others now colour in a green dot in the centre of your stick body to represent your heart chakra. Above and in line with the other chakra dots colour in a turquoise dot just above the heart chakra. This represents your higher heart (thymus chakra). Normally not included, I have included this chakra because many sensitive and caring people have a very over active one and less sensitive people  fear or reject the thought of  higher spiritual realities. They may not also be able to express their emotions. Where the throat would be on  your stick man ,now colour in a blue dot to represent your throat chakra. Then above and  in line on your stick man body in  the centre of the forehead colour in an indigo dot of the same size representing your third eye Chakra(brow Chakra). Finally outside your stick man diagram above it's head directly above all the other dots coloured in as chakras, colour in a violet dot. This will represent your crown chakra which needs to be of the same size of the other chakras coloured.
  3. Now,  look at your created chakra diagram representing your body then close your eyes and visualize transposing this image onto  your own body having those chakra points. Reopen your eyes to relook at the diagram you created  until you can map it mentally onto your own body in your minds eye.
  4. Lying down ideally or siting upwards straight with your feet flat on the floor in a quiet area where you will not be disturbed take some long deep breaths.Then, imagine a brilliant beam of white light shining above your head. It sweeps down scanning the soles of your feet  looking for any attachments then your ankles, calves, knees, thighs, groin, stomach, back, chest, arms, hands,throat, back of neck, face and the top of your head. This is done slowly and methodically. Be aware of any images,feelings,shapes and colours that flood your mind as you do this.  Know that this light is protecting you as you view your body.
  5. When you have done scanning your body gently move your toes and get up. Then record  on your drawing what and where you sensed anything during your scan meditation and thank the universe for the insight given.
  6. Ask yourself: Did you see any images of people that  you need to let go? Any scribbles or crosses? They could represent illness or stress that you need to attend to in that part of  your the body.  Did you see any hooks, insects or snakes that might represent negative entities attached to you? If so, redo the exercise and open up a window then ask Archangel Michael to let the beam of light act as a laser beam to burn off any attachments. For example see the hook melt and burn away into the atmosphere as a white light. Remember to  thank  Archangel Michael for his assistance. Finally, visualise yourself completely (include your head and feet) enclosed  in a neon blue bubble within a silver shell for protection. 
  7. When you awake drink some water and you may choose to shut the window.

** Do this as you feel the need to do so***

Love Martha

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