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Suicide Is Not An Easy Answer

May 17

 Suicide Is Not An Easy Answer

  Gravity has defeated you, plunging you into a whirling vortex of air. The ferocity of the force knocks the air out of your lungs making you pass out. You awaken in pitch darkness.  Echoing all around you are cries of anguish, hysterical screaming, gut wrenching moans and sobbing which disorientates and confuses you. You are petrified out of your mind and join in the moan full chorus of regret. You have taken your life. You have left a trail of devastation behind you. Suicide was not an easy answer. It was futile because you cannot extinguish the sum total of who you are, which is spirit. The essence of the universe with an evolving intelligence called your soul.  We never die! We evolve and change form through eternity.

When a person’s vibrational frequency drops, as in the case of suicides they can unintentionally attract predators from the astral level. The astral level is a zone that penetrates our earth plane.   As a result, voices are often heard before a person commits suicide, encouraging or bullying them to end their life. These predators, entities do not want anyone to progress in the school of life. They want us to bail out, like themselves.  In the worst scenario, such entities enslave the weak minded to do their bidding; until the enslaved can muster up the moral courage and strength to ask the Divine to assist them in rehabilitating themselves.

 We abort our life lessons for numerous reasons. For example, some beings lack patience and or are driven by selfish interests to reincarnate quickly. They want to make fast progress even though they lack the prerequisites for a given reincarnation on earth; and against the better judgement and guidance of their spiritual guardians and teachers they reincarnate. Finding mortal life challenging because they have not acquired attributes such as fortitude and resilience they find being reincarnated intolerable and cannot cope, so end their life lessons.  Then there are others, incapable of overhauling deviant behaviours of the pass and inflict pain on others before they abort life through suicide, as in the case of some heinous crimes they commit before they kill themselves. Whilst, some beings create a cycle whereby they constantly abort the school of life; until at a soul level they can assimilate their responsibility for past actions and work through their karmic debt.

 Then there are the` Bright Ones` dedicated beings with exceptional abilities. The `Bright Ones` are instrumental in advancing or enriching our lives in some way by using their great intelligence for new technologies, medicine and creativity through the arts.  Upon sharing their gifts, they are furnished with status, money and adoration. Distracting them from their purpose leading them to vices and the exploitation of others and themselves. With `inflated` egos they fail to separate their gift to the world from themselves. They have become the gift! They have lost themselves. This is debilitating resulting in many aborting the school of life by suicide or `unconscious suicide` unless they rebalance themselves.  `Unconscious suicide` is when a reckless life style is chosen that damages and shortens one’s life force resulting in an earlier death. For example, alcoholism and recreational drug taking.

 Suicide should be avoided. The damage caused in carrying out such an act imprints on your spiritual bodies (the original blueprint). This will impact your physical body physically and or psychologically, challenging you in future reincarnations yet to come; until the lesson is learned as to why you chose to end your life. The body is a sacred vessel that needs to be treated as such. It is the armour and house of our spirit within a given reincarnation. However, rest assured that the spiritual world is prepared for suicides because we all have freewill to opt out of our life’s lessons. We are not cut off from divine assistance. Our pleas for help are attended to once we are willing to assimilate our experiences at a soul level, only then we can be rehabilitated to find peace.

If you are dealing with suicidal thoughts, please seek medical assistance from a doctor and support from family and friends. Do not let yourself drown in negative emotions get HELP! Try to add meaning and purpose to your life. Planning ahead is important if you know you have suicidal tendencies. The following strategies and online support groups may help you:

  1. Surround yourself with positive people
  2. Join clubs and groups. For example: walking, hiking, yoga, amateur dramatics, salsa classes, keep fit classes, book clubs, volunteer at an animal shelter, meditation classes, knitting or cooking clubs
  3. Get involved in a community or global project that could make a difference,
  4. Share a skill you have with others
  5. Listen to a guided meditation app once a week at least
  6. Walk often in the outdoors/countryside.  Let Mother Nature harmonise us.
  7. Eat a healthy variety of foods from all food groups. Not just pale foods!
  8. Evaporate Essential oils in your home that can ground and reassure you. Sandalwood, Vertivert, Frankincense and Cedarwood could be helpful. Several drops in an oil burner with a little water could switch your mood. Alternate them over several days. You can also combine them with any of the following essential oils: Juniper, Rosemary, Sweet Orange, Lavender and Rose Geranium.   Experiment and find combinations that you like. Then wrap your favourite colour around you in the form of a shawl or throw.
  9. Invest in a pair of Colour Therapy glasses. Orange is the colour of Joy and this colour tends to help anyone who has a low mood. You may be drawn to red for willpower, yellow for clarity and optimism, green for calm and pink for self- love. Wear them when you need to uplift yourself.
  10. Buy a mindful mandalas colouring book and some wax crayons. Colour the ones you are drawn too. It will relax and focus you. This could be done with a friend or a partner to get you communicating about how you feel.

 Some Online support groups:

United Kingdom




Ireland: Suicide or Survive: suicideorsurvive.ie

UK: Leeds Survivor-Led Crisis Service: lslcs.org.uk






The US and Canada

Los Angeles: Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services. didihirsh.org

Virginia: ACTS Helpline. actspwc.org

Illinois: Suicide Prevention Services of America. spsamerica.org

Arizona: Magellan of Arizona. magellanofaz.com

Toronto: St. Michael’s Hospital. stmichaelshospital.com

New Jersey: Suicide Anonymous. suicideanonymous.net

Massachusetts: Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community. westernmassrlc.org

San Francisco: Mental Health Association of San Francisco: mentalhealthsf.org

Milwaukee, Wisc.: Mental Health America of Wisconsin: mhawisconsin.org

Outer Toronto: Self Help Alliance: self-help-alliance.ca

Oakland: Crisis Support Services: crisissupport.org

Pikes Peak, Colo.: Suicide Prevention Partnership: pikespeaksuicideprevention.org

Dayton, Ohio: Network of Care: clark.oh.networkofcare.org

Bakersfield, Calif.: Kern County Mental Health: co.kern.ca.us

Kalispell, Montana: Pathways: kalispellregional.org

Riverton, Wyoming: Fremont Counseling: fremontcounseling.com


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